December 11, 2017

About Bohemian 3D


I am a 3D enthusiast as well as an eLearning/Instructional Designer. I have found that I am constantly looking for characters to round out my hardcopy manuals, presentations and eLearning modules. I like a particular style and found it hard to find them online – so I decided to create them myself.

Now I want to share these character sets with others through this site.

I also routinely create images for Shutterstock – all these are available on my site as well – or you can buy them directly through Shutterstock.

At present, I will be selling my character sets and images per set or image. As I create more – I will be offering membership to this site for all current and future character sets and images.

So I hope you enjoy my site and it helps with your eLearning modules, presentations and user guides.